Physical Therapy Service

DR X-ray machine

Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging. The advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Also less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography.

 Ultrasound machine

Used to determine:
1. Skin inflammation
2. Osteoarthrosis
3. Soft tissue injury

 Midband machine

  Used to determine:
1. Tumidness
2. Slipped disc
3. Cervical diease
4. Periarthritis of shoulder
5. Gynecological inflammation

Ultraviolet machine

Used todetermine:
1. Wound infection
2. Gynecological disease
3. Active tuberculosis
4. Dermatological problems: psoriasis, vitiligo

Interference Electric machine 

Interference electric machine has great abirritation.

Used to treat:
1. Soft tissue injury
2. Osteoarthrosis
3. Fracture

Magnetic Vibratory and heating machine

Used to treat:
1. Dysmenorrhea
2. Insomnia
3. Sciatica
4. Gastritis
5. Rheumatic arthritis
6. Constipation and diarrhea

Laser machine

Used to treat:
1. Neck, shoulder, back, legs pain
2. Rhinitis
3. Neuropathic pain
4. Rheumatism

Microwave machine

Used to treat:
1. Chronic inflammation
2. Muscle injury
3. Ligament injury
4. Gynecological disease: fibroid, mastitis, pelvic disease